Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's A Beema?

A quick description to help you understand exactly what the heck a Beema is (sorry for the grammar). An even better way to figure it out is make one your self at

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How Do I Make A Beema?

A super quick explanation as to how one can make a Beema. For more detail regarding creating a Beema go to Beema Support - Creating Your Beema.

How Do I Choose My Character?

The answer as to how you can choose your character at For more detail see go to Beema Support - Choosing Characters.

I Left a Message and Didn’t Get A Beema?

Some troubleshooting thoughts as to why a Beema might not have arrived. For more details visit Beema Support.

How Do I View A Beema?

Tips for viewing your Beema once you get it. On your computer QuickTime is the easiest answer. For more detail check out Beema Support.

Can I Change My Beema Character From My Phone?

The place to make your Beema Character changes from your phone revealed. Hint: For more detail go to Beema Support.

Can I Share With Non-Beema Members?

Wondering if Beema locks you into an exclusive club once you have created your own content. The answer lies here and is of course No.